Laundry symbols explained

Have you ever been confused with the fabric care labels’ arcane circles, dots, squares, squiggles and letter signs on your clothing, towels or bedding?

Calabash quick-reference guide reveals what they mean, so you can avoid shrinkage, bobbling, colour runs and the other problems that may arise from not following care instructions.

Calabash laundry service

Calabash laundry service in London

As part of our daily cleaning service for many of our clients in London we collect, launder and return tea towels and shower towels, taking away the hassle and inconvenience should they launder these themselves.

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Send us a message regarding any aspect of your cleaning needs. If this is a non-urgent matter, one of our staff members should get back to you within 24 hours. For a priority response, include the word ‘Priority’ in your message or call us on 020 7371 9500.