Calabash have always strived to supervise and manage daily store cleaning more thoroughly than our competitors. We have now invested in design & development of new technology reflecting this. Furthermore, to assist transparency, clients can log in and be involved in the process.

Each store has a personalised, confidential QR code. This allows for quality checks on tasks completed to be captured on-site by the supervisor / manager using our mobile app. These checks are uploaded and presented in an easy to read report, outlining passed and failed items with supporting comments, corrective actions and recommendations related to specific shop cleaning tasks.

An automated e-mail is sent if a report contains any recommendations. An opportunity exists to provide written feedback on a particular audit report – a copy of which gets e-mailed to supervisors in charge of the site. The app also sends information to a dedicated client portal. This feedback loop provides supervisors and clients the access to any questions or comments.



The Calabash Store Cleaning App incorporates the latest web and mobile technology and is designed to provide clients visual assurance that a premium level of daily shop cleaning supervision is being undertaken.

For our supervisors / managers
Assists efficiency and communication
History audit for each area of cleaning
Proactive recommendations
Health and safety reporting
HR management
Training records
For clients
Improves service transparency
Improves understanding
Improves communication
Improves response times


“We have always checked and supervised more frequently and more thoroughly than other companies. This app is designed to assist in confirming this.”
Tom Salmon, Operations Director, Calabash Group

“It’s very exciting to have our own technology to further assist our managers with their high levels of store cleaning supervision and communication.”
Julian Hill, Chairman, Calabash Group